A Little Bit About Us...

Vet Health Docs is an LLC subsidiary of Pet Relocator Corporation.  We started the business to service veterinary practices who no longer wanted to deal with the overhead or headache of gathering the support, populating, and monitoring international health certificates to completion.  As our list of veterinary practices that referred to us grew, we determined we needed to cast a wider net and include owners who needed help with their paperwork too.  We work within the electronic USDA VEHCS system with our veterinary partners.

Our service provides full veterinary paperwork review and support such as advising what information is missing on your vaccinations and how to update, advising on vaccinations required for export, vaccination timing, final health certificate and exam timing, and even soap note reviews when required to export.  We have templates for veterinary practices to use as well.

As a small business we also pass along some of our discounts to our clients such as our UPS discount for overnight delivery before noon with optional Saturday delivery when available.  An option for someone without our discount is looking at about $115 for this same service we charge $65.00.  This enables us to load the label and track for return when required.  For countries that are completely electronic, this optional service is not needed.

We work closely with the USDA offices who endorse the health certificates for travel and monitor our VEHCS system multiple times a day looking for certificate completion or rejection.

Having a separate pet transport company also means we have our fingers on the pulse of all the current requirements by individual airlines and countries.  While we will not offer advice on routings to clients of Vet Health Docs, we do know that some airlines require specific paperwork and we will make sure you have that paperwork ready for your flight.

Our services are specifically for those who wish to fly their pets in cabin, as checked baggage or accompanied baggage, or unaccompanied cargo.  If you end up needing full services because, well let’s face it, rules change all the time, you even have the option of converting the money you pay to Vet Health Docs to a full-service client with Pet Relocator.


Cassandra Luppens, Founder

Cassandra lives in Colorado with her 2 sons and her husband.  She brings over 30 years of relevant experience as a businesswoman, an auditor, a pet shipper, and a veterinary technician to better serve our clients with Vet Health Docs.  Cassandra started her full-service pet shipping company, Pet Relocator, over a decade ago, but recently decided to fill the need for clients and veterinary offices who wanted to ensure their paperwork was timely and complete for international travel. Cassandra is the proud pet parent of 3 cats and 2 dogs and a revolving door of animals in need. She knows pets are an important part of your family.  Her motto has always been “pets are like children that eat off the floor.”


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