Why you should use Vet Health Docs for all your international health paperwork needs

  • We gather documentation to prefill the health certificate and support

  • We work with the client and other practices to make sure the vaccination history is completed accurately for submittal

  • We have templates for countries that require vaccination information to be displayed in ways that current veterinary systems don’t accommodate

  • We advise the client and veterinary practice on the timeline for health appointments and what is required at each appointment

  • No need to train staff on health certificate completion, you have experts at your fingers who have decades of combined experience

  • We will monitor the USDA VEHCS system throughout the day and notify you via phone and email of any items that need to be addressed (this is only for linked accounts).

  • We load all the support, prefilled health certificate, overnight labels, and payment to the USDA VEHCS system (this is only for linked accounts)

  • Your clients have a backup. If they can no longer fly their pet in cabin or as checked baggage with them, we will apply our fees to a full-service option with Pet Relocator

  • Decreases clinics overhead for training, monitoring, and management at no cost to the clinic as the client is billed directly by Vet Health Docs

  • We carry Errors and Omissions insurance, should we make a mistake, this policy will address costs associated with the error.

  • The veterinarian can focus on what is important, the pet’s health and well-being

What does it mean to be linked to our account?

Linkage to our account means that we have the ability to push the certificates, load support, track current status, and communicate with the USDA on your behalf.  As you are the responsible veterinarian, we do not have the ability to submit on your behalf, you must still submit the actual certificate. Please also note, that the health certificate doesn’t always go to your assigned USDA when submitted electronically. We have contacts at most of the USDA offices, so even when they don’t answer their general lines, we can contact the USDA on your behalf.  It is important to note, that one of the options must be used when using our services for electronic submittal if you want to utilize all of our services.  We do still have options for paper submittals, but it will just cost the client more in overnight fees, doesn’t allow for active tracking, and the USDA is phasing out paper submittals.

If you do not link to our account at all and load all the documents to your USDA login, we will not be able to track, monitor, or manage the health certificate for you.  The USDA will not respond to us if we are not linked to the submitted health certificate.  While this is an option, it does not utilize Vet Health Docs in a way that decreases your clinic overhead and can create more of a headache for you and your team. If you choose to do this for a client, we can still send you all the support and prefilled health certificates, but our services will stop there as we cannot communicate with the USDA on your behalf.

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